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What is Grand Millennial Decor?

The term "Grand Millennial" is gaining some major hubub lately, and as self proclaimed grand millenial decorator's, we're going to break it down for you!

Grand Millennial, or often referred to "granny chic" is a style of decorating that takes the florals you're used to seeing at your grandma's house and brings them up to speed a bit.

The official definition is, "...devotees of classic style with a passion for tradition…with a twist."

So imagine classic and traditional wood furniture mixed with an array of textures, textiles, and quirky bits and bobs scattered throughout and BOOM- You have grandmillennial.

Our tearoom is decorated in this style, and we love it! It reflects our passion for fun and embraces a time gone by, putting the good ole' days in the forefront once again.

Let's look at some other great examples of grand millennial decor!

It's quirky, it doesn't match and in fact, it downright clashes...and we love it!

What's your style? We'd love to hear from you- and if you need help decorating your home we'd love to see you in the store. We have beautiful furniture and decor to make your grand millennial dreams come true.


The Emerald Team

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