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About Us

Hey there! My name is Teresa Eubanks, owner of The Emerald Chandelier. I have been a lover of antiques and treasures for quite some time, collecting and making projects out of incredible pieces of furniture, artwork, and home decor. I had become a regular at the local estate sales, and it was at a seemingly routine estate sale stop that I stumbled upon what would turn out to be my biggest project yet. The estate sale was at an older home in our community, ran by a gentle southern woman that I have come to admire greatly, with a porch that was falling in and yellow caution tape slapped across the front. Naturally I thought to myself "this place is a dream-boat!"  

 You know that moment when you start   dreaming of something that you really would love to have?   Well, that's what happened to me.  I thought that this home could be a great business. The rooms came alive, speaking to me about restoring the original glory and vigor of this home.

I had visions of a store, with beautiful home decor and a cozy environment. I knew it was for me, and so I jumped at the opportunity to buy the Poplar House as we called it then. Everyone thought I was mental, but I just knew this place was special.

After purchasing the home, I was able to dive into it's incredible history. Built around 1870 by well-known Architect, Gilman Drake, it still lives in its glory with its gingerbread trim and cupola on the roof, original tall windows, original heart-pine floors, and a fireplace in every room.  

Teresa Eubanks

The original owners were the Isons,  then the Cumming family owned it for about the next 70 years. Forest and Inez Cumming lived in the house until 1962 when they were on an European Art Tour with over 100 other Atlanta Georgia Art Patrons. The plane they boarded caught fire on the runway and they all perished. Atlanta lost a huge Art Community that day and the Woodruff Arts Center was created as a memorial to the 122 died.

"The Emerald Chandelier" was created out of my love for the unusual and sentimental.  I wanted to have a name that was perfect for the project I was taking on. I thought and prayed on it for weeks. Then on a cold January morning I was packing up my Christmas ornaments when I went to put away one ornament that caught my eye- an emerald chandelier. I thought to myself "that's it!" and thus my business was named.

This experience of remodeling a historical home and running a business has been a spiritual journey. My faith in God has strengthened and although, I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, I continue to pray for his blessings on this business, my employees and my customers. I pray you feel God's presence and peace while here. May God Bless you!

 The Emerald Chandelier offers a full Tea House experience and a Gift Shop. We serve lunch and tea experiences (afternoon tea, high tea, walk-in tea, O Christmas Tea...) and they change every 2-3 months. We host special events like murder mysteries, princess parties, and music! We also rent our rooms for showers, bridal events, rehearsal dinners, work parties.. you name it!

The house is very colorfully decorated with paint, wallpaper and drapes.  We embrace the "Grandmillenial Style" of decorating which is an updated take on a traditional style with old-school design trends (think: skirted tables, patterned upholstery, floral wallpaper, and richly stained wood furniture) with a fresh spin for the 21st century. By mixing in a few modern elements, the style is nostalgic and comfortable without looking kitschy.

We hope to see you for tea very soon! 

-Teresa Eubanks, Owner

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